Dark Envoy end game - fighting the Atia boss.

Dark Envoy end game – what to expect & how long to beat

Are you looking for a Dark Envoy end game guide? Here’s what to expect from end-game features and how long you’ll need to beat this game. The game allows for a fairly long playthrough with enough detail and some replayability for those who want to keep playing after finishing the story. Let’s take a deeper look on all of these features in turn.

Dark envoy end game - Leo the Engineer during a story cutscene.

Dark Envoy end game level cap

The level cap in Dark Envoy end game is 20. However, even after finishing the entire story and completing all dungeons, you won’t have enough EXP to reach it and you’ll be around level 18-19.

On the bright side, you’ll have enough class and specialization skill points way before that to get all the skills you need. The game gives you way more points than you’ll ever need for a full build.

Is there New Game Plus in Dark Envoy?

While Dark Envoy doesn’t have a new game plus, it does have some replayability. You can play again with different classes and specializations since each of them has an extremely unique playstyle. Additionally, you can try your luck with higher difficulties and see if you can beat the game as easily.

As a result, you can spend more hours after the first playthrough if you’re willing to explore other classes or difficulties. If you’re looking for ideas to try on your next playthrough, check out our best Engineer build and our best Adept build in Dark Envoy.

Alternatively, consider checking out our guide on the best starting class for Kaela and Malakai to try a different approach in your new start.

How long does Dark Envoy take to beat?

On average, Dark Envoy takes 20-30 hours to beat, depending on your playstyle. If you just focus on the main story and even skip certain cutscenes, you can complete the game within 15 hours. For a normal playthrough with the story and some side dungeons, you can expect 20-25 hours. Lastly, for a more prolonged playthrough where you aim to complete every side dungeon and utilize all available characters, the game can grant 30 hours of playtime.

Of course, this playtime increases even further if you’re interested in replaying the game to try different classes or increased difficulty settings.

In conclusion, the end game in Dark Envoy involves completing the story and all side quests/dungeons and reaching as close as possible to the level cap, which is 20. Then, you can restart the game and try new classes or increase the difficulty settings for a bigger challenge. Keep in mind that there is no new game plus feature and the game takes on average 20-30 hours to beat.

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