Dark Envoy co-op - real-time combat against enemy soldiers.

Dark Envoy co-op explained – how does it work?

Are you interested in the Dark Envoy co-op feature? Here’s how it works and everything you need to know about it. The co-op feature is an interesting addition and allows players to experience the main story and dungeons with a friend. However, while you can have up to four characters in your party, you are only able to play with one other friend. Let’s take a deeper look into how co-op works as well as some of the current issues that it’s currently facing.

Dark Envoy co-op - fighting the Dread Titan TX99 boss.

How does co-op work in Dark Envoy?

Starting with the basics, Dark Envoy co-op is meant for two players. The goal is for each player to control up to two characters. The main reason behind this is that for the first hours, you’ll only have two characters that you can use. The third and fourth party members join later on. As a result, it wouldn’t be fair for the remaining two players.

After all, the goal of the game is to experience the whole main story together with a friend. It’s way more than simple random co-op dungeons.

In terms of limitations, keep in mind that the second player won’t be able to customize the character they play. For some reason, the first player makes the game and sets up everything. As for how to set up a co-op game, progress through the character creation, finish the first tutorial story, and then you’ll be able to host a multiplayer session easily. Just make sure to communicate with your friend. Set the stats and appearance that they want while also streaming the first cutscene for them.

Dark Envoy co-op bugs and issues

At the moment, players have reported multiple Dark Envoy co-op issues including desync and balance issues. For instance, the second player is unable to see the world map, and can’t craft, research, or enchant items. Additionally, they are unable to see story choices and participate in some core decisions. Thankfully, the devs have confirmed that these are bugs and not intentional game designs.

As a result, developers have removed the co-op tag from the Steam page of Dark Envoy. On the bright side, they are planning two major hotfix patches, one on October 31 and one on November 9. These should fix all co-op issues that players have been facing. Thus, if you want to experience this game with a friend, your best option is to wait until the developers fix the issues.

To summarize, the Dark Envoy co-op feature is meant to be played by only two players but is currently full of bugs and issues. The developers have confirmed two major patches that will be released on October 31 and November 9 and will fix all multiplayer-related issues. Are you waiting until the issues are fixed to play co-op? Feel free to share your multiplayer experiences in the comments. If you’re playing regardless of the issues, check out our guides on the best starting class for Kaela and Malakai in Dark Envoy and the best Warrior build.

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