Remnant 2 Tank build - best loadout, weapons, skills Character shooting enemies

Remnant 2 Tank build – best loadout, weapons, skills

Playing with a particular build in Remnant 2 is always more fun and creative. You will be using a specific combination of weapons and abilities that not only increases your character’s combat skills but also provides a unique playstyle. Nevertheless, Tank builds are always going to be popular in games, and Remnant 2 is no different. So, here’s the best loadout for the Tank build in Remnant 2.

Tank builds are very popular in Remnant 2. Their main characteristics are defined by your character taking on a lot of damage and still surviving. This quality makes this build perfect for crowd control and boss battles. With this build, you are going to transform into a bullet sponge enemy that you always despise. Not bad right?

Keep reading on and find out about the best loadout for the Tank build in Remnant 2. Adopt this build and become a force to reckon with in this game.

Remnant 2 Tank build - best loadout, weapons, skills Character consuming a healing potion

Here’s the best loadout for Tank Build in Remnant 2

The following are all of the items that you should include in your loadout for this Tank Build:

  • Best Armor: Leto Mark ll armor pieces
  • Best Relic: Decayed Heart
  • Best Primary Weapon: Merciless and Nightfall
  • Best Weapon mod: Feedback
  • Best Amulets: Twisted Idol
  • Best Rings: Black Cat Band, White Pawn Stamp, Feastmaster’s Signet, and Amber Moonstone
  • Best Traits: Triage, Strong back, Fortify, Ammo Reserves
  • Best Archetypes: Medic and Engineer

This loadout will turn you into a Tank in Remnant 2. Remember to have consumables in your inventory that you can use to regenerate your health. This way, you will be available to take on heavy damage without any problem. Avoiding encumbrance is another thing to keep in mind while playing with this build.

Because of your armor, you need to make sure you choose the right traits that help you stay swift on your feet. Furthermore, having the Engineer archetype should give you access to turrets. So, make sure to use them if you see yourself getting into a lethal situation.

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