When is the next Fortnite live event Fornite characters posing

When is the Fortnite live event?

Everytime Fortnight goes through a major change or a season comes to an end the big question among fans is always the same: when is the Fortnite live event?

Quite a traditional question since Fortnite’s live events have always been a highlight at the end of each season. Each event more grandiose than the last. Previous events have featured collaborations with great artists such Ariana Grande and Travis Scott. 

Fortnite is launching the second season of the fourth chapter, codenamed “Mega” and bringing with it some anime inspirations in the battle pass skins, therefore we are all curious about when the next Fortnite live event will take place.

When will the next Fortnite live event be?

As much as players are excited about the upcoming Fortnite live event, it has not been announced, yet. Historically these events are announced with a very short notice. The last live event, called Fracture, took place on Saturday 3rd December 2022.

Chapter four season three starts between 4 and 5 June 2023, meaning the live event should begin a few hours before. Therefore it is still too early to know when Fortnite’s live event will take place, but we can expect some juicy leak about it and we will be ready to share with our affectionate readers.

Whenever a live event happens, you can join it by checking out the dedicated playlist in the game itself. During the Fracture event the dedicated playlist opened just 30 minutes before the event itself. 

Even if it is still wrapped in an aura of mystery we are sure of one thing: when will the next Fortnite live event take place. Surely, we won’t be disappointed and all our waiting will be rewarded with a thrilling and captivating experience.

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