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How to Change Clothes in Palia

Palia presents you with a cozy fantasy world that is designed to make you happy and relaxed. You will be meeting interesting characters and taking part in amazing quests. However, to immersive yourself deeper into this virtual atmosphere, you will need to express yourself through the clothing your characters wear. So, here’s how you can change clothes in Palia. Dress to impress, baby.

Palia provides you with various features that you can utilize to change your character’s appearance. Not only will you be able to flaunt your fashion sense in the game, but you will also feel more connected to the playable character you have created. Moreover, having the freedom to change your character’s clothing feels very satisfying.

Keep reading and find out how you can change clothes in Palia. Thankfully, Palia has some great design choices that you will surely love.

How to Change Clothes in Palia Character placing a wardrobe on the ground

Changing your character’s clothes in Palia explained

At the moment, it is possible to change your character’s clothes only during the character creation process or from the wardrobe in your house. During character creation, you will get plenty of clothing options, and you can also choose the color you like.

Once in the game, you can build a wardrobe and access the clothing options again. Unfortunately, no new clothing options will appear, they will be the same clothes and color options that you first saw during the character creation process.

Still, at the moment there are not a lot of clothing accessories, especially compared to other MMORPGs. The developers will probably add more choices later.

The only way to get new outfits is by buying them from the tailor in the center of the Town for real money. There is no other way to earn new clothes for your character. Fans of Palia have criticized the exclusion of this feature and really want it in a future update.

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