Rune Factory 5 characters

Rune Factory 5 characters – all heroes in the game

Rune Factory 5 is an exciting and immersive game that combines elements of farming simulation with action-packed gameplay. As players explore the fantastical world of Rune Factory, they will encounter a diverse cast of characters who play integral roles in the game’s storyline. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Rune Factory 5 characters.

Interacting with these characters, forging relationships, and uncovering their individual quests and abilities add depth and richness to the overall gaming experience.

Read on to find out all about Rune Factory 5 characters and their roles in the RPG game.

All heroes in Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 is a game that boasts six bachelors in addition to a captivating protagonist by the name of Ares. Keep reading to learn more about the exciting and diverse cast of heroes in Rune Factory 5:


Ares, a youthful adventurer, finds himself in the peaceful town of Rigbarth with no memory of his past. In this serene village, he is welcomed by a group of skilled rangers who recruit him into their band to maintain tranquility in the region. Ares’ life takes an exciting new turn as he begins to care for his farm, cast his line into the nearby river, and explore the countryside. Additionally, he joins forces with the friendly townsfolk to combat dangerous monsters and execute fearsome combination attacks.


Martin is an essential character you will encounter and develop a bond with throughout your playthrough of Rune Factory 5. His dreams and aspirations revolve around becoming the greatest blacksmith the world’s ever known. You will constantly return to Rigbarth, his hometown, for crafting-related activities, where he will guide you in the art of weapon and farming equipment forging.


Cecil has always been the youngest of his two siblings, and he loves his family more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when his parents went missing, leaving him and his older brother, Martin, to fend for themselves. Despite the overwhelming sense of loss and fear that he feels, Cecil has decided to take matters into his own hands and become a detective himself so that he can search for his parents and bring them back home safely.


Lucas is a captivating character who is struggling with amnesia yet still manages to wow the crowds with his mind-boggling magic tricks. With a flick of his wrist, he can make objects disappear and reappear before your very eyes. Despite his impressive skills, Lucas is troubled by his forgotten past and feels an unshakable sense of superiority, referring to himself as a “god.” 


Murakumo is not just any ordinary were-animal; he adds his own unique flair to be a Blue Moon innkeeper. As the youngest sibling to Misasagi and the proud uncle to Hina, he has a multitude of responsibilities that require great attention to detail and efficiency. But even with all of his duties, he manages to maintain an outgoing and dynamic personality that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all guests. 


Reinhard, a knight sworn to the Kingdom of Norad, is a man of integrity and great intellect. Though he has a long history in politics, he is known for his trustworthiness and dedication to his duties. While he may not impose his morals on others, he is respected for his unwavering principles. When working alongside the protagonist, Reinherd reveals a different side of himself, showing depth and complexity beyond his reputation.


Ryker serves as the understudy to the illustrious Palmo Creacie de Sainte-Coquille, the celebrated carpenter residing in Rigbarth. Senior carpenters often implore him for insight, while junior builders look up to him for guidance. Though he may seem absent-minded during his waking hours, a suave and enigmatic persona comes to light come nightfall.

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