Remnant 2 Sparkfire Shotgun - exploring the new DLC region.

Remnant 2 Sparkfire Shotgun – how to get it

Are you trying to get the new Sparkfire shotgun in Remnant 2? It’s a new weapon introduced in The Awakened King DLC. However, there is a trick before you can get this weapon since you must find the Lighthouse Key first. Overall, it’s well worth it as the Sparkfire Shotgun is currently considered one of the best weapons in the game. Thus, let’s see how to get it easily.

Remnant 2 Sparkfire Shotgun - character killing enemies in the new region.

How to get the Lighthouse Key in Remnant 2

Before the shotgun, you’ll need to get your hands on the Lighthouse Key. To get the Lighthouse Key in Remnant 2, head to the Derelict Lighthouse Zone and defeat the Gorecarver and Thunderpiercer enemies that are located just across the lighthouse bridge and to the right. If you’re struggling to defeat these enemies, consider checking out our guide on the best fire build in Remnant 2.

If you haven’t unlocked the new area, here’s how to access the Awakened King DLC in Remnant 2.

Once you kill both of them, they’ll drop the Lighthouse Key. With this key, you can now head towards the lighthouse behind you.

Remnant 2 Sparkfire Shotgun - follow the path on the left to find the shotgun.
Follow the path indicated by the arrow to get the Sparkfire Shotgun.

How to get the Sparkfire Shotgun in Remnant 2

To get the Sparkfire Shotgun in Remnant 2, head towards the lighthouse through the bridge, and at the first turn, before reaching the lighthouse, turn left to access the basement. Interact with the Lighthouse Key in your inventory to change its shape and use it to unlock the door in front of you. Behind this door, you’ll find the Sparkfire Shotgun.

Just make sure to interact with the key from your inventory first to change its form, otherwise, you won’t be able to open the door. Also, you can use the Lighthouse Key to get a second DLC item, the Lighthouse Ring. However, you should only go for the Lighthouse Ring after the Sparkfire Shotgun. Otherwise, the key will disappear after getting the ring.

How to get the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring in Remnant 2

To get the Lighthouse Ring, head back to the lighthouse bridge where you came from and, instead of turning left, go straight toward the lighthouse. Head up the main stairs and you’ll find another locked door. Interact with the key to transform it back to its original shape. Now, you can use the key to unlock this door, behind which you’ll find the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring on your left.

If you open the upper door first before getting the shotgun, you will lose the key and won’t be able to get the shotgun. However, you can fix this by defeating the two enemies again, as they’ll drop the Lighthouse Key multiple times.

In conclusion, to get the Sparkfire Shotgun in Remnant 2, get the Lighthouse Key from the two mini-bosses across the lighthouse, interact with it to change its form, and use it to unlock the door in the lighthouse basement. Then, you can interact with the key again and use it to open the door on the top of the lighthouse, which will grant you the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring.

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