Remnant 2 access DLC – how to play The Awakened King

Remnant 2 access DLC - Ritualist archetype preview in The Awakened King.

Are you trying to access the Remnant 2 DLC but don’t know how? Here’s everything you need to know about The Awakened King DLC. The Awakened King is the latest addition in the Remnant 2 universe and brings a new archetype and items, story progression, and many new foes and bosses to defeat. However, after purchasing it, it’s not clear how to access all the new content. Let’s go through everything you need to know about this new DLC.

Remnant 2 access DLC - One of the new enemies in The Awakened King.

How to access Remnant 2 DLC The Awakened King

To access the Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC, after completing Losomn once, interact with the World Stone in Ward 13 and select Adventure Mode. Then, choose ‘Create New Adventure Mode ‘ and lastly, select The Awakened King DLC. You do not need to reroll your current campaign and story since you can start a new adventure mode.

Of course, you’ll need to have completed the Losomn world in a previous playthrough. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access it. If you just picked up Remnant 2, you will need to progress the story until you complete Losomn. Then, you can follow the steps above and access the DLC. This is because the new story and dungeons are based on the world of Losomn.

The DLC includes a new One-Shot Adventure, the new Ritualist archetype, and a wide variety of new items to help you and foes that can kill you. Now that you know how to access it, I wish you the best of luck in tackling this new challenge.

In conclusion, you can access the Remnant 2 DLC The Awakened King after completing the world of Losomn for the first time. This will be completed automatically if you’ve done it in a previous playthrough or it can be done now if you just picked up the game. After completing it, head to Ward 13, interact with the World Stone, and select the DLC from the Adventure Mode tab. This will enter you into the new world. Before moving on, consider preparing yourself by checking out our guide on the best deceit DPS build guide in Remnant 2.

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