Remnant 2 Apocalypse build - Character with merciless weapon

Remnant 2 best apocalypse build guide

In Apocalypse mode, enemies gain a staggering 175% increase in HP and deal a formidable 450% more damage. Bosses are even more fearsome, with a staggering 412.5% increase in HP and a 405% increase in damage. While you do gain an increased 150% experience boost, it’s not enough to offset the formidable threats you’ll face. In this guide, we share details on Remnant 2 best Apocalypse build to overcome any challenges.

We’ll explore the best armor sets, weapons, skills, classes, and rings to give you the edge you need to succeed.

Read on to find out the Remnant 2 best apocalypse build and how to get the most out of it.

Best Apocalypse Build Equipment

The following is the best equipment you need to include in your loadout for the best Apocalypse build in Remnant 2:

  • Best Class: Medic and Summoner
  • Best Weapon: Stonebreaker, Nebula, and Aphelion
  • Best Armor: Leto Mark II and Labyrinth Gloves
  • Best Rings: Rusted Navigator’s Pendant, Burden of the Divine, Ring of the Robust, Seal of the Empress, Dead King’s Memento 
  • Best Traits: Fortify, Barkskin, Regrowth, Triage, Vigor, Expertise, Endurance, Spirit, and Glutton
  • Best Skill: Healing Shield and Minion Reaver
  • Best Perks: Die Hard, Close Quarters, Intimidating Presence, Powerlifter
  • Best Relic: Resonating Heart

In Remnant 2, the Apocalypse difficulty presents the ultimate challenge for players. However, with the right Apocalypse build, you can conquer even the most formidable enemies and emerge victorious.

By utilizing the Leto Mark II armor set, the Stonebreaker, Nebula, and Aphelion weapons, and the Resonating Heart relic, you can enhance your survivability and damage output. Combine this with the powerful Medic and Summoner classes, the Healing Shield and Minion Reaver skills, and the carefully chosen rings and traits, and you become an unstoppable force in the face of adversity.

Remember, the Apocalypse build requires strategic and aggressive gameplay. By mastering these techniques and utilizing the best equipment, skills, and traits, you can overcome the challenges of the Apocalypse difficulty and emerge as the ultimate survivor in Remnant 2.

What are your thoughts on the Apocalypse build? Do you have any other favorite builds for the Apocalypse difficulty? 

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