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The Bookwalker chapters – how long to beat?

Have you been wasting your time with your nose lost in books? We can’t blame you, as playing the latest title by TinyBuild is definitely lots of fun. But sometimes we need a little guide to understand where we are and where we’ll go, so here comes our The Bookwalker chapters and chapter guide.

The game divides each level in a different book, and each one will have different puzzles, enemies and a substories.

But how many of them and what happens? We will take a look right now in our The Bookwalker walkthrough, read on to find out.

How many chapters are in the game?

The Bookwalker has six chapters, which are different books that one gets to visit in the game. Everyone will have a great time playing through and finding out the different books you’ll visit.

Here are all the books in the game:

  • A Drop of Infinity (by Jonathan Bowers);
  • The Spark of a Hammer (by Torben Zakinsky);
  • The Kornelius Paradox (by Oleg Sergeev);
  • Black River Drifters (by Elena Von Belrow);
  • Timelss Mansion (by Helena Roberty);
  • Heart of Sand (by Samantha Muuri).

Each book has a different vibe and atmosphere, along with more complicated puzzles as one goes along.

How long to beat?

The Bookwalker is not a long adventure by any means, and should take most players around five or six hours to complete. There does not seem to be any extra stuff to collect or different endings to unlock.

Sure, one could spend some time going through many of the enemies and kill them in fight, but that does not really count as completing it. It is possible to revisit single chapters once you’ve completed them, to take different choices in certain points, for example letting the alchemist live in the first book.

All in all, The Bookwalker is a pretty nifty new adventure, which you might already know if you’ve taken a gander at our review.

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