Coral Island best tips and tricks – beginner’s guide

Best tips and tricks in Coral Island - farmer watering her crops.

Are you looking to get started in Coral Island and want the best tips and tricks to help you out? Here’s what you need to know. Overall, getting started can get overwhelming since there are so many things to do and various items to purchase but your money and energy are limited. It’s important to make the most out of your first few days if you want to succeed and have a profitable farm. Based on that, this Coral Island beginner’s guide will include everything you must know for a smooth start.

Best tips and tricks in Coral Island - Farmer standing inside Sam's General Store.

Set movement to sprint

Once you get in the game, access the settings menu, and from the ‘Game’ tab, set the movement type to ‘Sprint’. This will cause your character to automatically sprint while moving around so you don’t have to press it manually every time.

Prioritize mining

If I have to recommend one activity to focus on, that would be mining. It will allow you to upgrade all of your tools, which will allow you to complete all other activities more efficiently.

Don’t ignore farming

Even if you don’t care much about farming, it’s important to plant a few of each available crop from the general store (at least 5 of each crop). You will need them all for future quests and greenhouse objectives, and you won’t be able to get them after spring ends unless you want to wait another year. Also, craft a Makeshift Scarecrow as soon as you unlock it, since it will help protect your crops from crows.

Get bag upgrades early

You can upgrade your bag in Coral Island by visiting the General Store and paying the required coins. The first upgrade is fairly cheap (500 coins) and I highly recommend getting it as soon as possible. After all, there is a wide variety of items around the island and you want to avoid having to run back to your chests every few minutes.

Craft chests first

At first, you will have extremely limited inventory space. The best way to counteract that is by crafting Makeshift chests. You have the recipe unlocked by default and will need 20x Wood and 10x to craft each chest.

Hoard everything

Just like in most farming and life-sim games, one of the most important Coral Island tips is to hoard every item you can find. You will need them later on for gifts, museum donations, greenhouse collection, and more. Overall, every item has a purpose and you should keep at least a few of each item in your chests.

Always dig lucky clovers

When exploring around the island, you will find lucky clovers buried in the ground. Always use your hoe to dig them as you can get a wide variety of useful and rare items.

Coral Island tips and tricks - farmer standing next to a lucky clover.
Digging this lucky clover has a chance to yield various rare rewards.

Meet all the characters around the island

Find and meet all the characters on the island by talking to them. This will allow you to track them through the map and even let you increase their relationship level and romance them.

Check the calendar outside the General Store

The calendar includes information about all the characters’ birthdays as well as upcoming festivals. Gift each character a gift they like during their birthday for a quick relationship increase, and don’t miss out on festivals. They include seasonal items and rewards that can’t be gained otherwise.

Don’t stay up too late

Stamina is the most important stat early-game and if you stay up after 1 am, you will pass out and wake up with reduced stamina for the next day. It’s important to be in bed before that time if you want to make the most out of your stamina every day.

To summarize, these are the best tips and tricks in Coral Island to help you get started and make the most out of your first few days. With the 1.0 launch, it’s normal to be excited and want to min-max your first days. Now you’ve got everything you need! Instead, if you’re looking to try a different farming game, consider checking out our guide on how to remove Fae Farm whirlpools and how to find hidden bosses in Risk of Rain Returns.

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