Planet of Lana monster in cave puzzle Mui hypnotizing monster

Planet of Lana monster in cave puzzle – how to solve the rising tide

It is true that not all monsters are here to do evil. Sure, generally that would be mostly correct, but hey think about Monsters Inc., that was an honestly great movie. But we’re here to talk about games though, so let’s see how to solve the Planet of Lana monster in cave puzzle.

This puzzle comes right at the end of chapter nine, The Turning Tide, and it is one last obstacle before a great emotional scene. So, if you’re stuck on this annoying puzzle, then you’ve come to the right place, because this guide is here to help.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to solve the Planet of Lana monster in cave puzzle so you can progress towards the end of the game.

How to solve Planet of Lana monster in cave puzzle

You arrive at what is a great outcrop of rock, with a big fall below you and the exit which is clearly too far to jump, both for Lana and Mui. What you need to do is lure the monster out of the cave and get on its back so it works as a platform.

If you go below, you will see that the monster will react as soon as it senses Lana getting close. It will start chasing after you, and there’s not much you can do except run away as quickly as possible. The monster will stop just as Lana gets to safety.

Now what? Well, simply enough, you need Mui’s help. Go on the outcrop of rock right above Lana, make Mui stand still and go back to the monster. Now lure it out again, and run towards where Mui is standing. You will see a prompt to press a button on your joypad/keyboard.

Once you’ve pressed it, you will enter a QTE. Be quick with your fingers so that Mui can continue hypnotizing the monster in a trance. Once it’s finished, make Lana climb up and use the monster as a platform, Mui will follow shortly and you’re on your way to the end of the chapter.

That’s all for the monster in the cave. If you need more help with Planet of Lana, read our guides on how to solve the tubes puzzles and the musical notes.