Sea of Stars solstice shrine locations - where to find Characters walking through a giant island

Sea of Stars solstice shrine locations – where to find

Sea of Stars is a new pixel-art-fueled retro-style RPG that is becoming really popular. Fans of older RPGs of similar styles are playing to relive their nostalgia, while newer gamers are enjoying its originality when it comes to clean sprite animation and beautiful character designs. Sea of Stars’ lore-filled world is also a huge selling point, however, first-time players may get stumped by many of the secret locations in this game, and it is a shame as these places almost always contain interesting stories. Solstice Shrine in Sea of Stars are one of these hidden locations.

This game’s turn-based combat is also well-balanced, and players who are into making strategies during elaborate boss battles will love to exploit its mechanics. But when it comes to exploration, it will get frustrating really quickly if you are looking for a particular area.

Keep reading to find all locations of Solstice Shrine in Sea of Stars. Once you find them all, you feel really satisfied.

Sea of Stars solstice shrine locations - where to find Characters climbing up the staircase

Solstice Shrines locations in Sea of Stars

The Solstice shrines are actually shrines with puzzles. They test both your observational and logical skills. It may take a while to get them unlock but once they do, you can find them in the following location:

  • Solstice Shrine 1: Evermist Island (to solve this shrine puzzle, you have to move blocks and create a path. This puzzle requires the Evermist Shrine Key given to the player by the headmaster)
  • Solstice Shrine 2: Wraith Island (in this puzzle, you have to reach the blue chest by tweaking the shrine layout)

These are the two Solstice Shrines in the game and what you need to do to solve them. If you manage to solve both them, you will get a total reward of a Soonrang Combo Move, Solstice Sash armor and a Shimmering Sword

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