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Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting – how to unlock crewmate Dino

Have you been wondering and itching about how to unlock the most famous crewmate of all time? Let’s find out what do you have to do to unlock crewmate Dino in the Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC. Luckily, it won’t take hours.

Dino is just one of the many characters that you can find in this DLC, we have already reviewed it recently and also the other DLCs such as Tides of the Foscari.

But now, let’s find out where crewmate Dino is hiding so we can bring him back and use it as one of our characters.

How to unlock Crewmate Dino in Emergency Meeting

Basically, Dino is nothing more than one of the survivors who are hiding in the coffins, just like many that you might have saved in the base game. Dino can be found resting in the coffin, in the Polus Replica base. But where exactly is it?

If you open your map as soon as you start the run, you will see that the crewmates are all indicated on the map. They are there just as weapons though, otherwise that’d be definitely too easy right? So, clearly that’s not who you want to chase after, instead locate the question mark on the map.

That’s where Dino is hiding, so head there as soon as you feel comfortable and just walk over the coffin. That will release Crewmate Dino and, after finishing this run, you can select him as one of the characters.

That’s how easy it is to play as the Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting crewmate dino. Now, for more tips and tricks on the game, check out also our Vampire Survivors weapons list. Don’t be an imposter now.

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