Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting review - Among Us characters jumping from the screen

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting review

I’m not sure how to feel about a Vampire Survivors crossover with Among Us, but then again, does it really have to make sense? If anything, the two games share the status of being among (don’t say it) the biggest cult indie hits of the last few years. The sense of humour is also definitely there, even though Among Us veers more towards the meme status, while Survivors is more of the deranged Italian kind. So does the crossover work? Let’s dive into Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting.

The base of Polus Replica is under attack by a myriad of strange enemies and it’s up to us to check if there are any survivors. But will there also be any vampires? Who knows, at this point? The DLC brings a new level, which is the mentioned scientific base of Polus Replica, along with nine new characters, fifteen new weapons and six new music tracks. As far as bang for your buck (2 bucks or €2.49) goes, this feels like a deal as good as Tides of the Foscari or Legacy of the Moon.

The new map goes in a rather different direction than most other levels we’ve seen in the recent DLCs. It is much easier to navigate for once, as all labs have a clearly indicated exit and entrance so you can go in, collect your crewmates and get out. Indeed, all crewmates from Among Us are present in the game in the form of added resources which will attack enemies… when they feel like it. They will also provide moral support when levelled up, which translates into bonus stats for your character.

The new map also works differently as it’s chock-full references to Among Us. Naturally, you don’t really need to know anything about that game to enjoy this DLC, it is still Vampire Survivors. But there will be a couple of added stuff, such as a countdown which will activate several times during your run, which will require going around to press a button to stop, for example, hordes of tourists coming. Your reward will be a chunky sweet bonus chest.

For those of you who are achievement gluttons, it is interesting to note that the new DLC, as opposed to past ones, will not bring any new achievements. That’s not a dealbreaker by any sense of the word, since there is a lot of content to unlock, with new characters being the main dish. Somehow, it feels right to play as Crewmate Dino going around killing skeletons in the classic Castlevania-inspired levels of the original base Vampire Survivors. Don’t ask me how or why.

The new enemy sprites are all quite colourful and memorable, and all seem to fit in with the overall playful spirit of Vampire Survivors. I especially loved the moon duck and the moon rabbit, they were absolutely lovely chaps. The DLC also adds a new Adventure, so if you’ve already unlocked this mode, then you are ready to dive in for some content as well.

If anything, it does feel this DLC is slightly easier than most of the other ones? Maybe I’ve just become the greatest Vampire Survivors player ever (press X to doubt) but I had no problem clearing it just on my first try, while the others definitely felt a tad more complicated even for seasoned players. Still, that doesn’t take away from the loads of new content that can be found in Emergency Meeting.

If you needed an excuse to dive back into VS, then the Emergency Meeting DLC is perfect, even if you’re not familiar (or even a fan) of Among Us. With tons of new content, some nifty new additions in the big Polus Replica map and tons of stuff which will also work greatly in co-op mode, Emergency Meeting will make the fans of Vampire Survivors quite happy. Except for the impostor, of course.

Our review of Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC was made possible with a key provided by Future Friends games PR. The DLC is available on Steam, plus Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 4/5. A Switch and mobile release will follow.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC: The Emergency Meeting DLC adds a lot of SUSteinaince to Vampire Survivors, for just a couple of bucks you can't go wrong. Damiano Gerli

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