Small handheld device Palia - what is it, how to use, where to find Character staring at something

Small handheld device Palia – what is it, how to use, where to find

Exploration is a huge part of Palia’s gameplay. It’s been a while since a game came that incentivizes exploring a cozy, mystical, and magical world while collecting interesting items. One of these mysterious items is a Small Handheld Device. No, not the Nintendo Switch, but rather it is an in-game item.

It is officially called a Small Handheld Device in Palia. The majority of the community is curious about finding any relevant information about it. When it comes to mysterious items in the game, this small handheld device surely tops it. Moreover, Palia is still in beta, so it is entirely possible for players to encounter more enigmatic items in the game, so getting a headstart is really important.

Keep reading to know more about this Small Handheld Device in Palia. Hopefully, this article will satisfy your curiosity.

Small handheld device Palia - what is it, how to use, where to find Character jumping really high

What is the small handheld device in Palia

The Small Handheld Device is a mysterious item that spaws randomly. Still, the majority of players were able to find it near some ruins west of the Whispering Banks and near the entrance next to the Phoenix Shrine at the Phoenix Falls.

Unfortunately, when it comes to its purpose, there are no information at present on what it does or what it’s used for. Even the official Palia dictionary only defines this device as a relic from the human era.

There is no official information out there about this Small Handheld Device. This device is still a mystery and it’s up to the devs to make it purposeful in their next update. But for now, we would recommend just keeping it in your inventory.

There are a couple of theories regarding this device. The popular one is that it’s a reference to Palia being released on the Nintendo Switch. This seems like the most probable one, but other players have suggested it can be a key to a secret quest that hasn’t been found. Whatever the case may be, we have not found it yet.

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