Jagged Alliance 3 Jackhammer - Shooting enemy

Jagged Alliance 3 Jackhammer fight – all choices explained

Jagged Alliance 3, developed by Haemimont Games, is a a gripping tactical role-playing game. Players will have to ork to liberate areas of Grand Chien from the clutches of a paramilitary group known as Legion. As players progress through the game, they will encounter various enemy leaders, one of which is Jackhammer. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Jagged Alliance 3 Jackhammer fight, exploring the available choices to ensure victory.

Jackhammer stands out as one of the most notorious and morally corrupt characters. As players embark on their mission to defeat the Legion, they will come face-to-face with this dark and formidable enemy. Jackhammer’s character embodies the harsh realities of war, presenting players with challenging choices and intense combat scenarios.

If you want to know about all the choices during the Jagged Alliance 3 Jackhammer fight, read on.

All choices you can make for Jackhammer in Jagged Alliance 3

Jackhammer will be staying in Prison. After depleting Jackhammer’s health sufficiently and defeating all opponents, he will surrender. Engage in a conversation with him, and you will have the following choices:

  • Time to Die: Opting to kill Jackhammer will reward you. You’ll get Kevlar Leggings, an AA12 shotgun, and 10 Loyalty gain with Port Cacao.
  • You Will Go to Prison: Sending Jackhammer to prison results in increased morale among your mercenaries. You’ll gain 5 Loyalty gains with Port Cacao, and an AA12 shotgun added directly to your equipment.
  • Let Him Go: Choosing to spare Jackhammer’s life will negatively impact your mercenaries’ morale, resulting in a loss of 10 loyalty with Port Cacao. However, be prepared for Jackhammer to make a return to the Prison and launch an attack. Should he succeed, he will head to Port Cacao next. You have the opportunity to loot his body and acquire a shotgun. 

Another choice, which involves threatening Jackhammer and receiving $10,000 for his release, becomes available if you fail the Wisdom and Leadership checks. Keep in mind that this option is not accessible if you have already learned the truth.

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