Sea of Stars Autumn Hills fire puzzle – how to solve

Sea of Stars Autumn Hills fire puzzle - how to solve Character standing next to a pile of leaves

Sea of Stars is no stranger to puzzles. For many players, the solution to these puzzles will be obvious, while for others, not so much. You will encounter one of these difficult puzzles at Autumn Hills. The juxtaposition of the beautiful environment with this frustrating puzzle will surely make your hair grow gray. So to avoid this fate, this article will provide you with the solution to the Autumn Hills fire puzzle in Sea of Stars.

You will have to think a little bit outside the box and mess with the game mechanics to solve this puzzle. Don’t be sad if you have spent hours trying to figure out this puzzle. Look at the brighter side; at least the location of this puzzle is pretty scenic.

Keep reading to find out how you can solve the Autumn Hills fire puzzle in Sea of Stars and progress in the RPG.

Sea of Stars Autumn Hills fire puzzle - how to solve Characters standing near a glow magical circle

How to solve the fire puzzle in Sea of Stars?

Follow the steps below to solve this puzzle:

  • While you are at the puzzle location near the campfire, change the time of day to night with the help of the Solstice Amulet.
  • You will notice that the campfire is surrounded by lunar magic.
  • With the help of the Mistral Bracelet, blow the heap of leaves onto the campfire.
  • This will summon a Leaf Monster.

Technically, you have solved this puzzle, but physically you’re in danger, as the solution was the summoning of a dangerous Leaf Monster. So, if you want to resolve this entire situation, you will have to defeat it.

Sea of Stars Autumn Hills fire puzzle - how to solve Character slashing a monster with their sword

Defeating the Leaf Monster

You can defeat the Leaf Monster by waiting for an opening. Any other way won’t work, as you cannot damage it normally. The major attack that the Leaf Monster will inflict upon your party is called the Leave Throw. It will basically throw leaves at you like a boomerang. However, this is also its great weakness, as when it performs this attack, it leaves an opening for you to counter-attack.

During this attack, it will lose a lot of its leaves from its body, so you can then attack it to deal heavy damage. Thus, just wait for the opening and deal damage. By doing this, you will defeat it in no time.

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