How to Get into the Locked Shed in Lucent - sea of stars guide Character jumping over a wall

Sea of Stars – how to get into the Locked Shed in Lucent

Sea of Stars contains a lot of mysterious locked places. Opening them up may require triggering separate side quests. Fortunately, these quests are usually pretty exciting and engaging to play, especially if you want to find every single secret hidden in this game. The gloomy town of Lucent contains a Locked Shed, and of course, your curiosity will definitely get the better of you. This article will provide you with a guide to unlocking the Locked shed in Lucent in Sea of Stars.

Lucent is a grim and dreary town, as it is the home of Dweller of Woe. You can enquire about the Locked Shed there to several NPCs populating this town. However, get ready to listen to some strange answers.

Keep reading to find out how you can unlock the Locked shed in Lucent in Sea of Stars.

How to Get into the Locked Shed in Lucent - sea of stars guide Character running into a shed

How to open the Locked Shed in Lucent in Sea of Stars?

To open the Locked Shed, you will need to get the key from a ghost located on the west side of the town. You can hear about this ghost by talking to the townsfolk. To get to this ghost, travel to the west side garden wall. Jump over it and start going north. You will find this ghost pacing back and forth on the top of a mound.

Once you talk to him, you will be tasked with finding a Turbo Cookie for him. You can find this within Lucent; however, to get to the chest that contains the Turbo Cookie, you will need a Graplou. This tool can only be acquired after you have explored the Necromancer Romaya’s estate. So, you will need to progress through the story a little to get this equipment.

If you have the Graplou, then start walking towards the stone bridge located next to The First Stage of Grief. Stop there, climb onto the ledge on its northern side, and start using Graplou. Keep moving forward with your Graplou till you reach the roof of the Inn. There will be a small room there, and inside, you will find a chest with the Turbo Cookie.

Go back to the ghost and give him the cookie. Unfortunately, it seems like this ghost did not change at all even after he died, as the moment he eats the cookie, he gets ready to fight with you and your party.

Fighting the Ghost and getting the key

During your battle with the ghost, keep in mind that physical damage is ineffective against him and his major weakness is Moon magic. After you eliminate him, search the grave on the left side of the mound, and you will find the key to the shed. Take the key to the Locked Shed and open it.

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