Fodder Fae Farm – where and how to get it Character being happy about an animal

Fodder Fae Farm – where and how to get it

You can breed and care for animals in Fae Farm. And it’s not just decoration, but a legit mechanic that you can explore and utilize to gain resources. There are many moving aspects to successfully performing animal care in this game, and one of them is getting the fodder. However, if you are new to this mechanic, you may not know how to get fodder in Fae Farm. Then, this article will tell you all about it.

There are many types of animals you can keep in your barn and coop, so feeding them will become an important task. So, if you don’t know where to get the fodder, you will be in trouble soon.

Keep reading this article and find out all about getting fodder in Fae Farm. Acquiring this resource is actually quite easy.

Fodder Fae Farm – where and how to get it Character planting grass

How you can get Fodder in Fae Farms?

You can get Fodder for your animals by cutting grass. There will be a lot of grass and weeds at your Homestead. You can also craft it by opening up the build menu, and through the farming tab, you will be able to find Wild Grass Patch and Fodder Grass Patch.

This is the easiest way to get fodder for your animal, as grass is available at many places, but begin with the areas near you. Remember, if you are removing grass for some reason, make sure you don’t let it go to waste. And if you are out of the grass, look for them in other places, such as the Plains of Plenty.

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