Fae Farm Portal – where to find and how to use it Characters looking at a portal

Fae Farm Portal – where to find and how to use it

Fae Farms contains many magical creatures and characters that you will love to interact with. But what’s even more interesting is an entirely separate magical realm called Fae Realm that you will need to travel to during one of the major quests called Talking Flight while progressing through the story missions. If you are having trouble finding it, then this article will tell you about the location of the portal in Fae Farm.

If you are not that familiar with the map of Fae Farm’s world, it can get difficult to find the mysterious portal, as you will also have to use a new ability you get from the Wisp mother to reach it.

Keep reading to find out where you can find the mysterious portal in Fae Farm. Once you get through this portal, a whole new area is waiting to be explored.

Fae Farm Portal – where to find and how to use it Character talking to a giant entity

How to find the portal in Fae Farm?

You can find the mysterious portal on a small piece of land surrounded by waterfalls, present on the North Eastern side of Spooky Woods. You can get to this area after you get the Wings from the Wisp Mother.

To get the wings, you will have to first complete a quest given by her called Raising Expectations. The following are all the objectives you will need to complete to get the wings:

  • Craft and place Lowlands Critter Conservatory x1
  • Collect Flutter Dust by placing butterflies into a lowlands Critter Conservatory and waiting x3
  • Deliver Flutter Dust to Wisp Mother x3

Once you complete this quest, you will trigger the portal quest called Taking Flight. Thus, when you are able to reach the mysterious portal with the wings, you will have to talk to Wisp Mother again and tell her about it.

How to unlock the portal in Fae Farm?

After you tell the Wisp Mother about the portal, another quest will get triggered called Journey to the Other Side. In this quest, you will have to give the Wisp Mother several gems so that she can rejuvenate her power and open the mysterious portal for you.

Once you complete this quest, you can enter the Fae Realm through this portal. But you’ll have to wait for the next day. That’s all you need to do.

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