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Atomic Heart trapped man – can you save the character?

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The world of Atomic Heart is incredibly perilous. Many have perished due to both humans and robots. You might be wondering if you can save the character of the Atomic Heart trapped man, which is what this guide is about. 

Sometimes, you will encounter people who have already passed away. They can only communicate through their remaining memories. 

When you come across the algae lab, you’ll speak to a man who appears to be doomed to his fate. Let’s find out if there is any way to save the Atomic Heart trapped man.

Can you save the Atomic Heart trapped man?

Unfortunately, when you encounter the trapped man in the algae lab, there is nothing you can do to save him. He has already passed away within the last few hours, and his Thought Device is replaying his final memory until it expires, removing him from the network. It may seem harsh, but you are not speaking to the real person, only the last glimmer of his fading memory that you have no control over.

Given this situation, you have a choice to either end his misery or leave him to his fate. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do. Even if you were to destroy his body, his echo on the network would persist until his time runs out.

You need not feel guilty about anything related to the trapped man in the algae lab. As previously stated, his fate has already been sealed, and nothing you do can alleviate his suffering. Your link to him on the network will end regardless of whether you walk away or take any sort of bold steps.

Now that you know the mystery of the trapped man in Atomic Heart, you should have no problem passing this part of the game. Make sure to check out our other guides, such as how to access the testing ground 9 and how to use cartridge