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How to fix Change User Name Not Authorized in World War 3

Folks, we’ve got a lot of war on our hands lately, right? I wish I was talking only about the virtual kind… Well, anyway, luckily this is still about a videogame, World War 3, free-to-play tactical online multiplayer FPS. Many users are reporting problems when trying to access a game, so let’s take a look at how to fix Change User Name not authorized.

The game has had a massive surge in popularity lately (wonder why), which is no surprise since it does feature a lot of weapons and drones and items to use. All for that sweet price of free too! But its massive popularity has led to servers being loaded with lots of users which, unfortunately, has led to some technical problems for some.

So, let’s check to see if we can fix change user name not authorized error and what causes it.

World War 3 – How to fix Change User Name not Authorized

The main issue causing the error is that the servers are being overloaded with users or, perhaps, there is maintenance being done. So, the main fix is an easy one: try to wait and join the servers when less crowded (generally, avoid the evening times).

But also, several users have reported that another fix is that of launching the game directly from its launcher, rather than going through the Steam client. Another possible fix is trying to launch the game (and the Steam client too) as Administrator. Naturally, do remember to reboot your computer before trying out these fixes.

If nothing seems to work, we recommend trying to get in contact with the developers and better explain your issue, they might be able to help out. But overall, it seems to be a matter of being patient.

Hope this guide helped you fix your access issue in World War 3, otherwise, you can always try a different FPS and check out our tips on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Multiversus.