Sea of Stars Headmaster's Room in Zenith Academy - how to get in Character running up the stairs

Sea of Stars Headmaster’s Room in Zenith Academy – how to get in

Sea of Stars contains many areas that get unlocked once you make a certain amount of progress in the game. The Headmaster’s room in Zenith Academy is one of these places. Backtracking to this location is pretty lucrative, and the game provides players with rewards for their extra effort. However, if you don’t know how exactly you can unlock the Headmaster’s room in Sea of Stars, this article will tell you how.

Zenith Academy is a pretty vibrant location in the Sea of Stars. This is the academy where Children of Solstice train to become Solstice Warriors. Thus, this place is just dripping with lore, and if you want to explore it the second time and especially go inside the Headmaster’s room, you might find something interesting.

Keep reading to find out how you can unlock the Headmaster’s Room in Sea of Stars. You will find an exciting reward inside this room.

Sea of Stars Headmaster's Room in Zenith Academy - how to get in Character looking inside of a chest

How to unlock the Headmaster’s room in Sea of Stars?

You will need to get Moraine’s Office Key to unlock the Headmaster’s room. To get this key, you need to first go inside Headmaster Moraine’s house in Mirth. His house will be at the bottom, and when you enter it, search for a chest there. Inside, you will find this key, and while you are there, Headmaster Moraine will also give you the Evermist Shrine key. This is a key that lets you enter the Evermist Solstice Shrine.

Now, travel back to Mooncradle Village on Evermist Island and then head to Zenith Academy. Enter this place, climb up the staircase in front of you, and you will reach the Headmaster’s Room. Use the key to unlock it and enter this room. You will find a chest with Moonstone Bracer. It is an accessory that gives ten magic attacks and reduces the cost of Lunar Shield by 2 MP.

Sea of Stars Headmaster's Room in Zenith Academy - how to get in Characters standing next a giant creature

How to backtrack to Evermist Island?

Many players might get confused by the exact route they need to take to reach Evermist Island. The easiest route would be to first get the Evermist Shrine Key to gain access to this place. Then, begin with traveling to Sleeper Island and backtrack to X’tol’s Landing through the Coral Cascades.

Talk to a mole miner you meet just before leaving the Stonemason Outpost. This will unlock a new path for you that skips Moorlands. Go to X’tol’s Landing and interact with X’tol. Tell him to literally “Y’eet” you to Evermist Island. Now head south through the Mountain Trail.

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