Remnant 2 Hardened Coil - Character is standing

Hardened Coil Remnant 2 – how to get it

In Remnant 2, acquiring powerful rings is crucial for enhancing your build. Rings offer valuable stat boosts that can greatly impact your gameplay. One such ring is the Hardened Coil Ring, which is particularly useful for players who prefer a frontline role in their squad. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining the Remnant 2 Hardened Coil Ring, providing you with the necessary information to bolster your defense and dominate in battles.

By equipping the Hardened Coil Ring, you gain a reliable defense mechanism that mitigates damage from all types of attacks. 

Read on to find out how to get the Remnant 2 Hardened Coil Ring to enhance your gameplay.

Remnant 2: Hardened Coil Ring location

You can find the Hardened Coil Ring in two different locations. The first possible location is the Forgotten Field in the Yaesha world. When you arrive at the Forgotten Field, you’ll encounter a Root Nexus and assist a trapped individual. Although the ring is not a direct reward for this encounter, there’s a chance it will spawn somewhere within the Forgotten Field region.

The second location where you can find the Hardened Coil Ring is on the Imperial Gardens level. As you explore this area, you’ll eventually face a challenging boss fight against two formidable enemies. Once you emerge victorious, you’ll discover a path leading beneath the ruins. Venture further into the depths to uncover the Hardened Coil Ring. Keep in mind that the double boss fight can prove to be quite difficult, so it may be beneficial to have a companion to assist you.

Hardened Coil Ring Effects

The Hardened Coil Ring provides a unique defensive advantage by reducing the damage you take based on the percentage of your missing health. For every 10% of health missing, the ring grants a 3% reduction in damage taken. This effect reaches its maximum potential at 15% damage reduction when you are at 50% health or lower. 

While the bonus may seem modest, when combined with other damage reduction effects such as increased maximum health and the Bulwark trait, the Hardened Coil Ring becomes an essential component for any tank-oriented build.

That’s everything you need to know about Hardened Coil Ring in this great game by Gunfire Games. Check out our other articles, such as Remnant 2 Devoured Loop location – how to get it and Remnant 2 Lemark District Clock puzzle – how to solve.