The Invincible endings - how to get all 11 endings - character piloting their ship.

The Invincible Endings and how to get them (All 11)

Are you looking for a guide with all The Invincible endings and how to get them? Here’s everything you need to know. The game has a wide variety of endings, influenced by the dialogue options you make while playing. Some endings can even be affected by choices as early as in the first hours of your playthrough. Let’s go through all the endings available and showcase how to get them, including the hardest, true ending.

How to get all endings in the Invincible - desert planet biome showcase.

All The Invincible Endings

In total, there are 11 endings in The Invincible. Here are all of them, with some being categorized together due to requiring similar dialogue choices.

True Ending – Invincible #1

To get the true ending in The Invincible, be honest with Rohitra in the cave, disagree with his beliefs and explain how files are the result of necroevolution, and convince him not to use nuclear weapons. Lastly, stay with the group members until the Invincible shuttle arrives. Whenever you have to decide to stay or leave, always choose to stay and wait for the Invincible.

Good Ending #2 and #3

Select the same choices as before and also pick up the research flies found in the passage just before. After completing the same steps as in the true ending, talk to Novik. For the first good ending, mention that you’re going to the Dragonfly. For the second one, say that you’ll stay and go to the Hive after placing Rohitra in the recovery room.

The Invincible endings with sleeping pills #4 and #5

During these two The Invincible endings, you will prevent the use of nuclear weapons by neutralizing Rohitra via sleeping pills. Specifically, while heading to the bridge, pick up a syringe with sleeping pills from the medical area. During your dialogue with Rohitra, don’t be honest and don’t try to persuade or side with him.

For the first sleeping pill ending, wait for the Invincible after neutralizing Rohitra. For the other ending, talk to Novik after neutralizing Rohitra and evacuate the planet. The latter one is considered a bad ending.

Allow nuclear weapons to be used endings – bad ending #6, #7, and #8

For these endings, agree with Rohitra and press the red button to launch the nuclear weapons. Head to the escape shuttle planned for you and you’ll be given the option to evacuate immediately or wait. Evacuate immediately to survive and get the one bad ending, wait for the others and die while waiting for the other bad ending.

To get the third bad ending that includes nuclear weapons, follow Novik’s advice earlier in the game and visit the evacuation zone before the alliance base. You will also die in this ending but won’t have the option to get in the shuttle at all.

Flies endings #9, #10, and #11

During the middle of the game when you find a container of flies, you’ll have the option to either take them with you or leave them on the planet. The former results in a potentially bad ending. It’s not explained but from the comics, we know that the flies become active mid-flight.

The latter is a better choice where you leave these dangerous flies there at the risk of never restoring the memory of the injured comrades. Also, there’s a third ending here where you choose to take the flies with you but change your mind and release them just before escaping the planet.

To summarize, these are all 11 endings in The Invincible as well as how to get them. Starting from the middle of the game, it’s important to make the right dialogue decisions based on the ending that you want. If you’ve finished the game and want to play something else, here’s our guide on how to build a chicken coop in Don’t Die in the West and our Alan Wake 2 musical guide.

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