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Blood Jewel Remnant 2 location – how to get it

In Remnant 2, powerful artifacts known as rings hold immense potential for those who possess them. One such ring is the Blood Jewel, a coveted accessory adorned with blood gems that grant its wearer a formidable advantage in combat. This article delves into the details of the Remnant 2 Blood Jewel, including its effects, location, and potential builds to harness its power.

With the ability to apply bleeding through charged melee attacks, the Blood Jewel inflicts significant damage over time. 

Read to find out the location of Remnant 2 Blood Jewel and what effects will have on you.

Where to find Blood Jewel in Remnant 2

To obtain the Blood Jewel in Remnant 2, adventurers must venture to the mysterious realm of Yaesha. Specifically, you can find the ring within the depths of the Lost Temple, a location shrouded in enigma and danger. To reach the Blood Jewel, explorers must navigate to the checkpoint of the Lost Temple and descend a ladder leading to the water below. Immersed in the depths, near a waterfall, lies the precious Blood Jewel waiting to be claimed by a worthy traveler.

Blood Jewel Effect

The Blood Jewel’s primary effect lies in the charged melee attacks it empowers. When equipped, the ring bestows the ability to apply bleeding to enemies upon landing charged melee strikes. This bleeding effect inflicts a substantial 460 points of damage over a span of 20 seconds. With such a potent ability, the Blood Jewel becomes an essential component for those seeking to maximize their melee prowess.

The power of the Blood Jewel extends beyond its standalone abilities. When incorporated into specific builds, its potential is amplified, allowing players to unleash devastating melee attacks against their foes. Whether combined with other rings or complementing a particular playstyle, the Blood Jewel can significantly enhance a character’s combat effectiveness.

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