Armored Core 6 EN Load - Fighting enemies

Armored Core 6 EN Load

We have been playing Armored Core 6 and what a great game that is. Highly immersive mech-based action, just what the doctor ordered. But we soon learned of how important is the EN Load: basically the total energy input that your mech can handle. We are going to give you the info we learned, delving into how the EN Load in Armored Core 6  works.

We are sure that by understanding how EN Load works, you can increase your mech’s energy capacity and create a well-balanced AC. Plus you can follow our strategies for even better results.

Get ready to find out everything about EN Load in Armored Core 6, are you ready to get even better?

What does EN Load mean in AC6?

Let’s get this out of the way. The EN Load is the total energy input that your mech can handle. Every part you equip on your mech requires a certain amount of energy, and if it surpasses your EN Load capacity, you won’t be able to use it.

Basically, it’s like the energy in your house. If you turn on too many things at the same time, then the power will cut off. EN Load is the same: an energy threshold. If you exceed it, you’ll get an EN Shortfall, which restricts your ability to use certain parts.

So, how to tell when that happens? Armored Core 6 will tell you. A red warning – called an EN shortfall – will pop up. what to do?

Based on our experience, you can either change the part to a more energy-efficient one. Efficient, but not always possible. But also upgrade your generator, as that will increase your EN Load capacity.

How to increase the EN Load in Armored Core 6

We recommend that to increase your EN Load, to focus on upgrading your generator and making strategic choices when equipping parts. Let’s look at the strategies we learned in the game that can boost your EN Load and enhance your performance.

Upgrade Your Generator

The first step in increasing your EN Load is to invest in a better generator for your AC. The generator determines the amount and rate of energy used in combat. Consider upgrading to a generator with higher energy output and faster recharge rates to maximize your EN Load capacity.

Choose Parts with Higher EN Stats

When selecting parts for your AC, pay attention to their stats. Some parts may indeed consume more energy than others. As we looked at it, that might lead to problems later on. Try to stick with parts that offer a good trade-off between performance and energy efficiency.

We are confident that with our experience and helpful tips you will get better. Feel free to check out some of our other guides such as church key puzzle and hexagon puzzle solutions.