Starfield Persuasion guide Character getting persuaded

Starfield Persuasion guide

Sometimes violence is not the answer, and Bethesda’s newest title Starfield is very well aware of this thought. As the player, you have the choice to select a particular dialogue option that can help you out of a dangerous situation. Of course, this only works when you know about Persuasion in Starfield.

This is a skill perfect for players who don’t like to always resort to violence and want an alternative way to resolve situations. So, this article will explain how the persuasion system works in the game.

Keep reading to understand how the Persuasion in Starfield works, and how you can effectively use it while playing the game.

Starfield Persuasion guide Character selecting a dialogue option

How does Persuasion work in Starfield?

The Persuasion system in Starfield has been turned into a sort of mini-game. To understand this mechanic better, here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of the persuasion feature in Starfield:

Starting a persuasive conversation

  • You can begin Persuading an NPC by clicking on the dialogue option with “(Persuade)” on it.
  • It will take you to a specialized Persuasion text box.
  • Here, you can find a couple of dialogue options with numbers on side, and a Persuasion meter on the bottom left next to the number of Turns you can take. And on the right side, there will be an Auto-Persuade option and the option to end the conversation entirely.

Persuasion Mini-game

  • Now to persuade someone successfully, you will need to fill the entire Persuasion bar on the left side.
  • To do this, you have to select dialogue options with adequate points. Each dialogue option will have a varied amount of points on the left side, so you need to choose the options carefully.
  • Each of the dialogue options also comes with colored lines on the left side. And each of the colors represents the chances of your success with that dialogue. Green means you have a high chance, Yellow means neutral, and Red means a low chance of it working.
  • You may even encounter dialogues that are colored blue, they are dialogues that relate to your background. Blue dialogue options have low chances of failing.
  • However, when it comes to the amount of points you get, generally the Red dialogues will have the highest amount of points.
  • The turns represent how many dialogue options you can take to persuade the NPC you are talking to. Make sense, as you just can’t just keep talking to them for an eternity.
  • The more Persuasion checks you pass, the Auto-Persuade option will fill up, and the second it becomes available, you can use it to directly win the Persuasion Mini-game.
  • This is how basically the Persuasion system works in Starfield and you have to make sure you choose the correct options that increase your luck and fill that Persuasion bar in a low amount of turns.

This is how a basic Persuasion encounter will work. But as you meet newer NPCs, the Persuasion Mini-game will get even more complicated and harder. So, here are some more tips to keep in mind while persuading someone in Starfield.

Bethesda games are known for their intricate dialogue options, however, with Starfield, the persuasion system has received a new advancement and can be a little complicated for players. So, understanding how exactly it works will help you out a lot.

Starfield Persuasion guide Character getting Persuaded

How to increase your chances of Persuading NPCs?

The following are tips to keep in mind while persuading:

  • If you want to focus on your Persuasion build, then choose Diplomat, Industrialist, Sculptor, or Space Scoundrel as your background.
  • You can utilize your skill points on the Persuasion Skills in the Social Skill tree. 
  • You can consume items like Hippolyta and Paramour to increase your Persuasion chances.
  • Keep in mind that you can never fail if your last choice succeeds.
  • A lot of times, the dialogue options will not make any sense. So, prioritize the points they carry over what you are actually saying.

These are all the most important things you need to keep in mind while persuading someone in Starfield.

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