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Starfield New Game Plus explained

New Game Plus is a feature that many AAA games come with nowadays. This feature is made for players who want to replay the game, but instead of starting from the beginning with nothing, the New Game Plus mode provides them with certain perks and items that they enjoyed having in their previous playthrough, especially during the latter parts of the game. They might even get whole new items. A simple reset with a great head start. However, Starfield did something different with their New Game Plus feature, something unique. This article will talk about New Game Plus in Starfield.

Being a science fiction game, Starfield has integrated their New Game Plus feature into their story and world, so spoilers ahead. They actually found an eclectic way to incentivize playing this game again with the New Game Plus mode.

Keep reading to find out all about New Game Plus in Starfield. This is the perfect way to replay this game.

Starfield New Game Plus explained Character discussing strategies

Everything you need to know about New Game Plus in Starfield

Story consequences

When you start Starfield again in New Game Plus mode, there is going to be a major plot change. So, you have a choice between replaying the entire main questline again or not doing it entirely. But the way you choose is really interesting. Players who remember the ending of Starfield will quickly notice that it was revealed that “Unity” is an alien construct, and without getting too complicated, you can use “Unity” to access parallel universes.

Therefore, the New Game Plus that you just started is actually set in another universe. You have all the knowledge from the previous universe i.e. your previous playthrough, and now when you meet the Constellation members, you can either pretend to be ignorant about everything or just tell them everything you know.

Of course, if you choose the latter, then they won’t ask you to go on a gigantic adventure to find the secrets of the universe, cause you are that secret.

Progress that carries over

Powers and skills that you have unlocked will be carried over to New Game Plus. All your skill challenge progression and achievements are also going to be there.

Progress that does not carry over

All your equipment, items, and weapons won’t be in your inventory. You will be broke as you cannot bring credits you earned in New Game Plus. Your spaceships also won’t be there. More importantly, all your side missions, faction missions, and Activity progression will get reset along with outposts and homes.

New items

When it comes to the new rewards you get for replaying in New Game Plus, you get a spaceship called Starborn Guardian spaceship and a new spacesuit called Starborn Spacesuit Astra with a built-in Boostpack.

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