Starfield platforms - what can you play on? Character walking through a futuristic town

Starfield platforms – what can you play on?

Starfield is currently all the buzz in the gaming industry. This new Bethesda title transports players into a giant science fiction world where you indulge yourself in space travel, planet exploration, and spaceship battles to name a few. A true next-gen gaming experience for some. You can also take part in this gaming event, of course, only after you know the platforms Starfield is available on. Being an incredibly huge game, you need to be aware of this aspect before you play the game. This article will touch upon this subject and let you know about all the platforms Starfield is available on.

AAA games generally target all platforms available, but sometimes, such as in the case of Starfield, developers decide on a specific platform to fine-tune the technical performance of their game and wait a while before they release on other platforms, if ever.

Keep reading to find out all the platforms Starfield is playable on, and you can make your purchase according to that.

Starfield platforms - what can you play on? Character looking at ancient structure

Which platforms Starfield can be played on?

Starfield is currently exclusively released on Xbox Series X/S and PC. However, you can technically play it on other systems through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with the help of cloud gaming.

Through cloud gaming, you won’t have to perform any local downloads and always get the updated version of Starfield. You will be playing it through outside servers, so any device that can run cloud gaming can be used as a platform to play it on.

How to play Starfield on mobile

You can play Starfield on your IOS or Android phone/Tablet through the Xbox Game Pass mobile app. Just take care to have them updated to the newest version. Starfield has also partnered up with Samsung TV. Now Game Pass Unlimited subscribers can play Starfield through their devices as well. That is definitely good news, but that’s not all.

The Steam Deck, the newest portable gaming device by Value also supports Xbox Cloud gaming. This means that playing on this device is also possible. But the framerate and overall performance, so far, are not amazing so we would not recommend it.

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