GPS locator Sons of the Forest explained - how to use player holding phone and melee weapon

GPS locator Sons of the Forest explained – how to use

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In Sons of the Forest, it can be difficult to find important locations within the vast forest. In this guide, we will take you through how to use the GPS locator Sons of the Forest.

With the help of these GPS locators, you will be able to mark a spot on the map so you never get lost again.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how to use the GPS locator Sons of the Forest!

How to use the GPS locator in Sons of the Forest

To use the GPS locator, you must first equip a stick from your inventory. Look toward the ground until you see options appear on your screen, and left-click to switch between them. When you see a small white circle, right-click to place the stick on the ground. Note that the GPS locator cannot be placed directly on the ground or on a tree.

Next, equip the GPS locator from your inventory. You can find this inside the briefcase located on the top left side. Hover the GPS locator over the stick and left-click to place it on top. Now, open your map to see the GPS locator marked on it. If you wish to remove it and mark another location, simply get near the stick and press “C” to add the GPS locator back into your inventory.

You can also place the GPS locator on your companions by equipping it in your hand, hovering over their head, and right-clicking to place it. This allows you to easily track them down.

That’s all you need to know about the GPS locator! Now you know how to use it in Sons of the Forest. We hope that this guide was useful in showing you how to properly use the item in Sons of the Forest. If you need more tips and tricks on this game, feel free to check out how to get rope and how to make sled.