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Sons of the Forest sled – how to make

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Sons of the Forest is an exciting sequel to the popular game, The Forest. The Printed Sled is a new item in the game, so we will take you through how to make Sons of the Forest sled

With this guide, you can easily locate the 3D Printer and Printer Resin, and get yourself a Printed Sled. Once you have it, you can slide down hills, transport items, and escape from enemies.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how you can get yourself a Sons of the Forest sled!

How to make a sled in Sons of the Forest 

To craft a Printed Sled in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to locate a 3D Printer. You can find it at an underground bunker near the helicopter crash site on the island’s west coast.

It’s essential to note that crafting the Printed Sled requires plenty of Printer Resin and time. You can loot cartridges of Printer Resin and Duct Tape from the shelves in this room. Once you have enough Printer Resin and Duct Tape, you can start printing the Printed Sled from the laptop. It will take 20 minutes for the 3D Printer to produce the Printed Sled in Sons of the Forest.

With the Printed Sled in your inventory, you can use it to slide down mountains and snowy hills, making it an excellent way to move around the map quickly. You can also use it to soften falls to avoid massive fall damage. To slide using the Printed Sled, left-click your mouse.

Moreover, the Printed Sled can also be used to cart around items, including Logs. While it may appear differently by its appearance, you can still use it to transport items to your base. If you want to carry items, you can always signal Kelvin to do it.

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