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Sons of the Forest rope – how to get it

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If you’re new to Sons of the Forest, it’s essential to spend your first few days gathering as many useful materials, tools, and resources as possible. This will make the following days and weeks a whole lot easier for you. In this guide, we will take you through how to get Sons of the Forest rope.

Rope is one of the vital components you’ll need for many different crafting recipes. With rope, you can craft a great many things, such as towers, platforms, shelters, traps, and much more. 

Keep reading to find out where you can get Sons of the Forest rope in large quantities for all your crafting needs!

How to get rope in Sons of the Forest 

In this game, rope is not a naturally occurring resource and can only be found in specific locations. The first place you should look for rope is at your spawn point, where suitcases and crates are dotted around. These may contain rope that you can use for early crafting.

However, if you can’t find enough rope there, you should check the following locations:

  • Enemy Camps: Enemy camps, like the crash site at spawn, often contain suitcases and crates that may have Rope. However, this location is more dangerous because cannibal mutants defend the area. You may have to kill them to get rope.
  • Caves: They are marked on your GPS map with a white cave icon. The story markers or the green circles also indicate their presence. Rope is available at the entrance as well as the loot areas at the ends of cave systems.
  • Cliffs: Cliffs sometimes house valuable items like Rope, so it’s a good idea to scout along cliff edges both at the top and the bottom to find any hidden treasure nearby.
  • Beaches: Beaches, like cliffs and cave entrances, sometimes have rope nearby. Look around shipwrecks and debris, as well as hanged corpses or bodies stuck on pikes.

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