Best skills in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora - interact with a Tarsyu Sapling that grants one skill point.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora best skills – what to unlock first

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora includes many skills, and it can be tricky to decide on the best ones. Here are the best skills from each tree. With five skill trees and over 40 skills in total, many players are struggling with how to spend their hard-earned skill points. Since you don’t get many of them early on, it’s essential to spend them efficiently. In this guide, we’ll go through each of the five trees and mention the top skills you should prioritize.

Best skills in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora - detailed skill tree in the game.

Best skills to unlock in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

There are five skill trees in the game, and the best strategy is to start by unlocking a few skills in every tree since the first skills you’ll unlock are cheaper. However, for this guide, we’ll focus on some of the later skills for each tree that will help improve your gameplay.

Best Survivors Skills

The best survivor skills in the game involve anything that increases your maximum HP and energy. There are various options in the Survivor Tree, and you should focus on taking all of them as survivability is essential. Combined with gathering Bellsprings that increase your max HP, you’ll be able to survive almost anything.

Best Warrior Skills

For the Warrior Tree, I recommend any Strength upgrades as they increase your damage by 10% and the Well Prepared skill, which adds a fourth weapon slot.

Best Hunter Skills

In terms of Hunter Skills, any of the Weak Spot buffs will be extremely helpful. Based on our Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora hunting guide, if you want to get the Clean Kill bonus, you must kill the animal in one shot while hitting its weak spot. Weak Spot skills increase the damage you deal to weak spots and thus will allow you to get the Clean Kill bonus consistently, even on tougher animals.

Also, if you’re having issues with sneaking near animals, consider the Light-Footed Hunter skills since they’ll reduce the noise you make.

Best Maker Skills

The best Maker skills in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora include Renowned Crafter and Connoisseur I and II. The former gives you access to better crafting materials, which allows you to craft stronger gear. The latter increases the effects of food buffs (extra damage, stealth, regeneration), which are vital during combat and exploration.

Best Rider Skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Lastly, the best Rider skill is Flying Takedown. With this, your Ikran can take down RDA Scorpions and Samsons when they are staggered. This makes aerial combat significantly easier and feels extremely satisfying to do.

To summarize, the best skills to get in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora include max HP and Strength skills from the first two trees, Weak Spot and stealth skills for the Hunter tree, Renowned Crafter and Connoisseur from the Maker tree, and Flying Takedown from the Rider tree. With these skills, you’ll have more tools at your disposal. As a result, exploring Pandora will become easier and more fun. For more early-game guides, consider also checking out our list of the best tips and tricks in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

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