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Can you sell cars in Gran Turismo 7?

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The classic series of racing simulation video games developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment is now on its seventh chapter. There are a lot of exciting races and cars you can drive, but you might be wondering if you can sell cars in Gran Turismo 7, so that’s what this guide is about.

Players of Gran Turismo 7 have been waiting for the ability to sell cars since the game launched in March. It features a large number of cars and tracks around the world. But, does it allow you to sell your cards?

Keep reading to find out if you can sell cars in Gran Turismo 7!

Gran Turismo 7 – can you sell cars?

With the latest update, 1.26, players can finally sell cars from their garage. This feature was highly requested by players, and it’s great news that it has finally been added to the game.

Selling cars is an excellent way to earn extra credits and make it easier to save up for the cars you want. It’s also a straightforward way to remove any unwanted duplicate prize cars. 

Before you can start selling cars, you will need to complete all 39 GT Café Menu Books. This doesn’t include the extra Menu Books added in post-release updates. Once you have completed GT Café Menu Book No. 39 World GT Series and watched the end credits, you can finally sell cars.

To sell a car, head over to the Used Cars dealership and select the “Car Valuation Service” button located in the top right of the screen. From there, you can view the resale value of every car in your garage. The Car Valuation screen also displays if you have any duplicate cars. To sell a car, select the car you want to sell, press Appraise, and then select sell.

Thus, now you know that the ability to sell cars in GT7 is finally here. If you’re interested in more guides, feel free to take a look at the used car list – all pre-owned vehicles and how to skip the cutscene.