Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Menolias guide - start of fight.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Menolias guide – how to beat

This Menolias boss guide in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown will go through everything you need to know to beat this boss easily. Menolias is one of the most challenging and frustrating fights so far. He moves quickly, and you’ll need to prioritize dodging while only having a few opportunities to strike back. While this fight can feel impossible at first, with enough practice and the right tips, you’ll be able to come out victorious. Let’s go through the best tips and tricks.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Menolias guide - start of fight.

How to beat Menolias in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The best strategy to beat Menolias in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown requires playing aggressively and staying close to Menolias. Always parry his yellow attack and focus on dodging before attempting to go for 1-2 attacks. The fight is overall harder than Azhdaha, but if you don’t get frustrated by Menolias’ constant and rapid movement and study his patterns carefully, you’ll be able to beat him without issue.

In terms of upgrades, make sure you have at least a +2 weapon and +3 potions. As for amulets, I recommend the Dragon King Amulet since it will allow you to survive a few extra attacks. The Athra Surge that I’d recommend is the Wind of Sistan since you can pin Menolias in a corner and use it to stagger him and deal great damage.

Menolias attack patterns

The most important tip to surviving this fight and beating Menolias in PoP TLC is learning all his attack patterns, which are the following.

Charged Arrow Shots

Menolias Charged Bow attack in PoP TLC.

Menolias starts charging his bow and tries to lock you with a mark showing over your character. The mark follows you for one second, and Menolias shoots one second later. To avoid this, stay on the ground, and when the mark stops following you, jump instantly.

After 75% HP, Menolias can shoot two or three arrows consecutively. In these cases, you’ll need to keep jumping quickly. Also, keep in mind that Menolias will keep doing this attack until you get close to him.

Golden Stars

Menolias Golden Stars attack in PoP TLC.

Menolias summons multiple golden stars around the arena. These move slowly toward you and deal damage upon impact. Use your bow, sword, or chakram to break them. Keep in mind that while these stars are active, Menolias can do any of the other attack patterns.

Uppercut Arrow

Menolias Uppercut Arrow attack in PoP TLC.

Menolias jumps in the air and shoots an arrow that follows a uppercut path. Stay close to Menolias and jump over the arrow to dodge it. When you dodge it, you’ll be able to get a few attacks on Menolias.

Volley of Arrows

Menolias Volley of Arrows attack in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

Menolias jumps back and shoots multiple golden arrows from his bow that deal low damage. Stand as far back as possible and position yourself between the arrows or jump above them to dodge. After 75% HP, Menolias will shoot two Volleys back to back.

Arrow Rain

Menolias Arrow Rain attack in PoP TLC.

At 75% and 25% HP, a cutscene plays where Menolias shoots an arrow in the air, and a rain of arrows follows while he stands in the background watching. There are no special mechanics here, and you must dodge as many arrows as you can.

Parry (After 75% HP)

Menolias Parry attack in PoP TLC.

Menolias stands still and summons a yellow shield around him. If you attack while the shield is up, he will parry your attack and deal significant damage to you. Simply wait until the shield disappears, and then you’ll be able to damage him normally.

Chakram (After 75% HP)

Menolias Chakram attack in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

Menolias shoots his Chakram high, and it returns to him high (jumping height). Stay on the ground while the Chakram is returning, and you’ll be fine. Even if it hits you, this attack doesn’t deal much damage.

Also, after 75% HP, Menolias will have a variety of rapid melee attacks. There’s no mechanic here; just focus on parrying or dodging. Defeating Menolias awards you with the Chakram Shadow of the Simurgh ability and the Rashnu’s Judgement Athra Surge.

To summarize this Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Menolias guide, focus on playing aggressively, memorize his attack patterns, and try to use combos to deal great damage when you get an opening. This fight mostly focuses on dodging, so you’ll need to practice before being able to defeat him. And that’s all. For more content to optimize your gameplay, check out our guide on the best tips and tricks in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

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