Minecraft entity wizard map with characters

Minecraft Entity Wizard – how to get and use it

Players of the classic block-building, zombie killing and Steve featuring title, Minecraft, are definitely always on the lookout for new things that are featured in the game. True enough, the title has been going strong for more than a decade, ever since its release in May 2009, it has been picking up speed and fans along the way. It has, however, seen lots of support for extra features like the Minecraft Entity Wizard along the way, too.

The Minecraft Live 2021 is one well-awaited event by many fans of the game. Last year, among various news, several new things were announced regarding Blockbench, the program which can be used to create and program models to be used in the game.

One such announcement that had the attention of many players was the Minecraft Entity Wizard, which had many players curious as to what it actually is and how it will work in Blockbench. Follow this guide and you’ll find out all you need to know about getting and using it.

Minecraft Entity Wizard – how to get and use it

The Entity Wizard will help those that are just starting out in the world of Minecraft modding, giving you the ability to learn how to quickly how to create models more easily. I mean, it is probably not a coincidence that its name reminds us of the old “guide wizard installation”, which was quite common in early 90s Windows software.

If you want to add the Minecraft Entity Wizard to Blockbench, it is relatively simple. Just open the software, on the menu select File and then Plugins. Once you are in the “Available” tab, just press the Install button next to Minecraft Entity Wizard.

Once the Wizard has been successfully installed, just a swift click of the Filter tab and then it is as simple as selecting the Entity Wizard itself. Once it’s done, click on the “Let’s Go” blue button which appears to initiate the process of creating a new model. The mob which will be created will have an appearance based on a set of preset models.

After choosing the look, the players will have to choose the behavior, this can also be customized to the player’s tastes. Finally, players can choose the spawn egg design and export the pack, along with selecting an icon – which is not necessary at this stage, however. Once the pack is exported, it can be spawned in-game.

Minecraft is continuing to bring in new fans every day with a new and exciting addition to one of the strongest franchises in gaming and is a title that seems to attract both younger players and more experienced ones. We are sure you will have fun creating new models with the Entity Wizard!

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