High on Life warp discs achievement cutie town

High on Life warp disc achievement – how to unlock it

Warp, warp and warp. It’s all I hear these days, it’s all about the warping. You kids with your hip-hop, your rapping and your warping! Ok that’s enough jokes, if you’re here you want to unlock that darn achievement, right? And we can help so here’s High on Life warp disc achievement and how to get it.

The achievement is called “Seeing all the sights” and, as the title might suggest, it is not simply about collecting all the discs and calling it a day, but you have to perform specific activities at the locations in order to get it. But fret not, it is not that difficult and you got us on your side.

Let’s get down to it, here’s how to get the High on Life warp disc achievement.

How to get the Warp disc achievement in High on Life

Here is a break of the activity for each specific location so you know what to do to unlock the Warp Disc achievement:

  • Cutie Town: just go nuts and destroy things, then watch.
  • Trolley Tracks: decide which one of those aliens gets to shuffle off the mortal coil.
  • Movie Theater: sit down and wait for the movie to start, once started you can leave.
  • Toilet: this is a bit more tricky, you’ll need to solve the pipe puzzle. Use Kenny’s Glob Shots to turn the pieces until you light all green lights and the pipes are connected between the two aliens.
  • Skate Park: see those three guys sitting near the bowl? Talk to them, they’ll request a stunt jump from you. Use Knifey to stay up in the air as long as possible.
  • Quiet Cottage: simple, just open the reward boxes inside. 

Not that hard, right? Perform all those activities and you’re all set. If you need more help, just refer to our handy High on Life walkthrough of course.