Wartales mods - the best ones Characters sword fighting

Wartales mods – the best ones

If you feel that the main epic story of an RPG is always the least interesting part of the game, and you enjoyed mastering the game mechanics more, then Wartales is the perfect game for you. You don’t have to limit yourself by completing an overarching plot, and you are in total control of how you approach exploration and leveling up in this Tactical RPG game. But there is also more room for customization with the help of mods. So, this article will provide you with some of the best mods for Wartales.

Wartales’s grim fantasy world is really engaging, and you will be taking part in many interesting scenarios with your band of mercenaries. And by adding mods, you will enhance the gameplay even more.

Keep reading to find out about all the best mods for Wartales. These mods will truly make the game even better.

Wartales mods - the best ones Characters getting ready to attack

Best mods for Wartales

The following are some of the best mods that you can get for Wartales:

  • Upgrade All: Upgrade every obtainable weapon and armor piece.
  • Lazy Overhaul: Modifications to camp items, volunteer trait, pony carry capacity, run speed and skills, etc.
  • Champions of Wartales: Get 5 unique champion classes at the start and 5 more classes for mercenaries, great crafting items, skills & spell tomes.
  • Wartales Quality of life: You will get various QOF improvements.
  • Actual Volunteer: Volunteers become free.
  • Wartales Rebalance: Makes the world of Wartales more engaging by making the battles more challenging, fixes weak perks, increases the number of days to refill merchant stock, and acquiring gold becomes more difficult, among many other things. Your gaming experience will become even more immersive.

The modding community of Wartales is a growing community, so more and more new mods will come out in the future, so don’t miss out on them.

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