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Blasphemous 2 abilities – locations and how to use them

You face a long pilgrimage as the Penitent One in Blasphemous 2. The road will be full of danger and death, so you’ll need some help with the Blasphemous 2 abilities. That’s because these abilities can help you access new areas.

Blasphemous 2 is, after all, a Metroidvania game. This means that you need to get new Blasphemous 2 abilities and backtrack to areas you’ve already visited to unlock new paths and secrets

Below, you’ll find all the locations for these abilities, as well as an explainer on how to use them to the best effect.

Blasphemous 2 abilities – locations and how to use them

Here is a list of all the Blasphemous 2 abilities, the so-called Relics of Contrition, that you can find and what are they used for.

Ivy of Ascension (Wall jump)

The ivy of ascension can be used to climb walls, or rather, to jump from them. It is easy to find, just enter the first location you find, Profundo Lamento. After some fights, you will meet a woman with a spear. Walk right, fall through the floor and you will collect the Ivy of Ascension.

Passage of Ash (Double Jump)

Passage of Ash grants you the classic Metroidvania double jump, which will allow you to move around and do much easier platforming. It can be found a couple of rooms after defeating Avilaor, in Beneath her Sacred Grounds.

Mercy of Wind (Drifting in the air)

You can find this ability in Crown of Towers, and you need to double jump and by going through the ghostly bridge. From there, drop down and head left and you’ll find it. By using this ability you can drift in the air, which can be used to break the ghostly chains that you can have seen while exploring. It is needed also to get Scions’ Protection, which is the last relic.

Scions’ Protection (Climb in the air)

The ability can be found in Severed Tower, in a room two floors up from the Prieu Dieu while climbing up through the tower itself. You can use Scions’ Protection to climb around by using the angels ornaments. Have you been seeing weird “lights” in the air? Then that’s where the angels will now be seen and you can use them to climb around.

Those are all the Blasphemous 2 abilities you might need in the demanding Metroidvania game. Read our other Blasphemous 2 guides and you might survive a little longer. Might. For more tips and tricks check out our guide on Blasphemous 2 wax seeds.