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Fire Emblem Engage bad ending explained – how to get

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Fire Emblem Engage is the newest tactical RPG which is part of the Fire Emblem series. A lot of RPGs by Japanese developers have multiple endings, and this one is no exception. In this guide, we will explain all you need to know about the Fire Emblem Engage bad ending and how to get it. 

The narrative follows the protagonist Alear who needs to defeat the Fell Dragon and save the continent of Elyos. Alear is a divine dragon who wakes from a thousand-year nap just to kill this monster.

Well, how bad can it be? Let’s find out what the Fire Emblem Engage bad ending is!

How to get the bad ending in Fire Emblem Engage 

If you have already completed the game or are somewhere in the middle, you might be curious as to how it ends. The story’s resolution can have a Good Ending or a Bad Ending, as in most JRPGs. 

Well, Fire Emblem Engage also features a bad ending. It depends on the choices that the player takes. However, you will need to be very deliberate in some of your choices, so it’s not a natural process to get the bad ending. So, you don’t need to worry about getting it if you are playing to win. If you do want to get the bad ending on purpose, keep reading. Note that there are spoilers beyond this point!

To get the bad ending, you will first need to lose the final battle with the Fell Dragon. You should have Draconian Time Crystals to fight the battle again, but you can choose not to use them. Refusing the Draconian Time Crystal will unlock a special cutscene, which is quite dark. 

The cutscene shows Sombron informing Alear they failed, and that everyone else they ever cared about is dead as a result. Alear and Veyle have been corrupted and are now servants of Sombreon. The cutscene ends with Sombron’s evil laughter at Alear’s misery.

That’s all there is to the bad ending. Just don’t lose the game, and you won’t need to see it! If you’d like to check out our other guides, here’s how to unlock fortune telling and what to do in the endgame