Fire Emblem Engage endgame character in combat

Fire Emblem Engage endgame – what to do after beating it

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In Fire Emblem Engage, you can battle against powerful enemies to complete missions. After the main missions are completed, players might be wondering if there is more to the game. If you are one of these players, we have a guide for you. Here’s what to do in the Fire Emblem Engage endgame after beating it.

Published by Nintendo, the tactical RPG was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. You can play through the chapters and collect characters for your team, who will attack enemies for you. The ultimate goal is to defeat the Fell Dragon.

Once that’s done, is there more to the game? Let’s find out in this Fire Emblem Engage endgame guide!

What to do after beating Fire Emblem Engage – endgame guide

There are Fire Emblem Expansion Packs that are coming soon at undisclosed dates, which means there is more content to come. As of now, there are many things players can do to stay in the world a little longer. You can start a new game at a lower difficulty to enjoy a lower place in casual settings. You can eventry Maddening. This mode has new dialogue as well, as character death is permanent here. 

Try different teams and weapons. You could try to max out all supports. Also, achieve S-Rank with a new game with any character you want. One of the most difficult parts of the game is to augment your Engrave Weapons, so try to become an expert at it. This will take your Emblem Rings to the next level and make you unstoppable.

If you want to fight real-life players, you should test yourself in the Tower of Trials. This is the online multiplayer part of the game where you can play as co-op or battle other players. In the endgame, you can gain access to new Tempest Trials in the Tower of Trials. This mode has greater rewards and is more challenging than ever.

Now you know what to do after beating the game. We hope that this Fire Emblem Engage endgame guide helped you! Feel free to check out our other guides such as the recruitment guide and how to unlock the lookout ridge event.