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Fire Emblem Engage fishing rods – how and where to unlock

You’re probably knee-deep in Fire Emblem Engage wondering what the deal is with the Fire Emblem Engage fishing rods. There’re numerous rods to unlock throughout your journey in the JRPG game, but you’re probably wondering where you have to go or what you have to do to unlock them.

Our Fire Emblem Engage fishing rods guide is here to help, so stop shaking your Pro Controller in anger. What? You’re playing with Joy-Con? What’s wrong with you? Anyway, fishing is one of the many side activities you can spend time doing in Fire Emblem Engage, and it gives you access to unique items.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to unlock the fishing activity, as well as where to go to unlock better fishing rods to catch better fish.

How to unlock fishing

The fishing activity allows you to gather special components like Bond Fragments and unique species of fish. To unlock the ability to fish, you need to reach Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem Engage. Once you return to Somniel after reaching Chapter 9, you will receive a message letting you know that you can now take part in the fishing activity.

Where to unlock new fishing rods in Fire Emblem Engage

There are a total of three fishing rods in Fire Emblem Engage that can be used to catch fish. These are:

  • Modest Rod
  • Sturdy Rod
  • Supreme Rod

The Modest Rod is unlocked just after reaching Chapter 9. It will be given to you when you first try out the fishing activity back in Somniel and it is the default fishing rod in Fire Emblem Engage. With this rod, you can catch Charwal, Big-Eyed Sardine, and Myceen Eel.

The Sturdy Rod can be bought from the Flea market. You only unlock the Flea Market after reaching Chapter 12 and it will periodically get new items. Once you reach Chapter 16, you will receive a message alerting you that the Flea Market has new items available to purchase. One of these is the Study Fishing Rod. Simply head there any time after Chapter 16 to buy it.

The Supreme Rod can also be purchased from the Flea Market, but only after reaching Chapter 21 of the main story. You will receive another notification telling you the Flea Market has new items – this is your cue to go there and get the best fishing rod in the game.

That’s how to unlock fishing as well as all the different fishing rods in the JRPG and how to unlock them. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on Fire Emblem Engage, then check out our when to use the Master Seal or Lookout Ridge event explained guides.