En Garde how to parry - enemy with fire

En Garde! how to parry – the best defense

The best thing you need in life is a good defense. That’s the only way to keep safe from enemy attacks and that’s exactly how it works in games too. But do you know how to best use the En Garde! parry? We’ll tell you all about it.

This swordfighting game definitely hits the spot, if you’ve been missing out for some classic sword combat. Also, some great simple visuals as well.

But, then again, pretty graphics don’t help when we’ve being attacked over and over. So let’s see how to best use the En Garde! parry and defeat those enemies.

How to parry in En Garde

To best use your parry in En Garde! you need to focus on the colors of the attacks. You can parry against attacks that have a Blue color around it, if you time the moment that the circle explodes and Parry (with the Y on PlayStation or Triangle on PlayStation), you should be able to do it efficiently.

After this, there’s the dodge. You need to use it when an enemy is going to do a Red attack (look at the focus circle), and do it at the right time. Failing to do so, will mean that you will get hit, so better be ready with the right timing.

But that’s not all, since sometimes you need to roll to get out of harm’s way as well. To do so, you can use it if an enemy is kicking stuff towards you or you can’t dodge at the right moment. Dodge can be swiftly done with the Circle button or the B one.

How to kick furniture on enemies

This is a great way to use the environment to your advantage. With RB on Xbox or R1 on Playstation, you can interact with obstacles or use them to gain the advantage over your enemies.

Overall, the right trigger works well when picking up buckets that can be used to daze your enemies. You press it once to pick up the object, then a second time to throw towards the enemy that your character is facing. That’s one way to kick the bucket, for sure.

That’s all we have for you on our En Garde! parry guide, for more tips and tricks on other exciting games check out is Lords of the Fallen a Souls game and Ravenlok Sword and shield.