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Is Lords of the Fallen a Souls game?

The soulslike genre continues to gain steam, as both indie and AAA companies try to craft something new from it. Due to these intricacies, fans want to know if the new Lords of the Fallen is a Souls game.

It obviously borrows heavily from the actual Dark Souls series but these games also try to do things differently. With so many games trying to do what FromSoftware does, it’s hard to say what “feels” soulslike anymore.

So will Lords of the Fallen be a Souls game when it comes out? How about the first game? Read on and find out.

Is Lords of the Fallen a Souls game?

Officially, no, this isn’t a Souls game because FromSoftware isn’t making it and that’s okay. However, in terms of it being in the Souls genre, then yes, it’s definitely one of those.

From what we see in the trailer, this sequel/reboot still has a similar combat system and world. Even the camera is similar to the Souls games and this isn’t the first title to copy its style.

Fans will have to wait and see if this compares to the other Souls games well. Numerous games that ape FromSoftware’s IP tend to do well, assuming they add an interesting twist to everything. Sometimes it’s just an interesting story or a change in perspective that can get our attention.

When comparing it to its predecessor, the new game does look a lot better and might even play better. Admittedly, criticism for the first game was more for its lack of originality, though it did wear its influence proudly. Originally, its goal was to be an “easier” Souls game but there are plenty of those now. Being a Souls game isn’t enough anymore so we’re interested in seeing how this game does.

That’s everything we know about Lords of the Fallen. For more from our Souls guides, check out how to level up and beat the Parade Master in Lies of P.