Starfield ship controls guide – how to fly

Starfield ship controls guide - how to fly Character standing next to the commander seat

Imagine you are escaping from a hostile planet with the help of your spaceship after stealing an important scientific device. A dangerous faction is on your tail cause they want this device all for themselves. And of course, you have also eliminated their leader, so they are pretty pissed. You just reached orbit, and you are very close to making a heroic escape, but then, you suddenly realize you don’t know how a spaceship works, and everything explodes. You are dead. So, to avoid this embarrassing fate, this article will provide you with a nifty guide on ship controls in Starfield.

You don’t have to stress too much about this, as space travel is a huge part of Starfield, and surely after spending a couple of hours in the game, you will be able to at least understand how spaceships work in Starfield. Don’t worry it’s not going to be rocket science (Pun-intended?)

Keep reading to find out about ship controls in Starfield, and once you understand how to use them, it will become a lot easier.

Starfield ship controls guide - how to fly Character flying a spaceship near a planet

What are the controls in a spaceship in Starfield?

The following are all the controls that you can access in your spaceship:

Xbox Controls

  • Steer ship: RS
  • Adjust throttle: LS ( move forward or backward)
  • Roll: LS (move left or right)
  • Boost: Press LS
  • Free Look: Hold the ‘View’ button
  • Toggle Perspective: ‘View’ button
  • Select Power Subsystems: Left or right on the D-pad
  • Increase/Decrease Subsystem Power: Up or down on the D-pad
  • Exit pilot seat: Hold B
  • Undock: Y
  • Take-off to orbit: Hold Y
  • Select target: A
  • Fire Weapon 1: RT
  • Fire Weapon 2: LT
  • Fire Weapon 3: Y
  • Repair Ship: RS
  • Scan an environment: LB
  • Open Data Menu: ‘Menu’ button

PC Controls 

  • Move around: WASD
  • Camera controls: Mouse
  • Toggle Perspective: Q
  • Switch Flight Modes: Space Bar
  • Ship Action: R
  • Ship Alternate Control Hold: Left ‘ALT’
  • Boost: Left ‘Shift’
  • Select Power Subsystems: LEFT/RIGHT arrows
  • Increase/Decrease Subsystem Power: UP/Down arrows
  • Select target: E
  • Fire Weapon 1: Left Mouse Button (Button 1)
  • Fire Weapon 2: Right Mouse Button (Button 2)
  • Fire Weapon 3: G
  • Repair Ship: O
  • Scan an environment: F
  • Cancel: ESC

These are all the ship controls that you have access to. Now, you just need to know how to use them to fly a spaceship. Keep in mind, that some of these controls are going to be used more than others, so you don’t have to memorize all of them. Moreover, you also have to spend skill points to unlock some of these spaceship abilities.

Starfield ship controls guide - how to fly Character looking at a giant spaceship

How to fly a spaceship in Starfield?

During the One Small Step mission, which is the first quest of this game, Barrett will give you his ship, and the game itself will teach you how exactly you can use all of the controls in the form of a tutorial.

So, to move your spaceship around, all you have to do is use the WASD keys or the Right stick on your gamepad. Remember to press the boost button to make your spaceship move faster. You will notice that you don’t have to worry about taking off or landing as the game will do that for you via a cutscene.

From there onwards, you can start your journey to master spaceship travel. The more you visit different planets, the better you will get. If you want to practice without suffering the consequences of losing a space battle. Then, you can travel to the MAST Headquarters and join the UC Vanguard, as this will give you access to their Spaceship flying simulator.

If you want to take on the real deal, then you will have to access the Mission Board and find enemy spaceships to destroy.

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