high on life kill gene or not knifey the talking weapon with gene on the couch

High on Life Stab Gene or not – should you do it?

High on Life’s wacky comedy has captured the hearts of gamers and makes you question yourself into making decisions you wouldn’t otherwise, like whether you should stab Gene or not in High on Life. You know, for the giggles.

It’s a valid question that this High on Life stab Gene or not guide seeks to answer. Normally, we wouldn’t go around stabbing main characters without a care in the world, but Justin Roiland’s eccentric shooter goes against the grain.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about whether to plunge the weapon into your friend or not and what the consequences are.

High on Life Stab Gene or not?

When presented with the opportunity, you should stab Gene. There are no consequences for stabbing Gene and you will earn the “don’t knife the hand that feeds you” achievement that you can only earn by stabbing him with his own knife, the aptly named Knifey.

At one point during your adventure, you’ll acquire Knifey the talking knife and it will beg you to let him stab Gene. This is because Gene was his owner, but he lost Knifey in a bet when he was gambling, so the talking weapon is out for revenge.

If you choose to stab Gene, you’ll get some witty banter thrown at you, but he will not die. This is your only chance to stab Gene and get the achievement, which you’ll need to fully complete the game by getting all of the achievements. So, if you’re an achievement hunter, then you have to stab Gene for full completion.

That’s everything you need to know about whether you should stab Gene or not. For more High on Life tips and tricks, check out our how to get Lezduit or skatepark quest guides to help you on your journey.