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Starfield character customization – can you do it?

Bethesda Game Studios’ highly anticipated upcoming RPG, Starfield, has garnered worldwide attention as gamers eagerly await its release. The burning question on many players’ minds is whether or not there will be Starfield character customization

Character customization is a feature that enables players to personalize their in-game character according to their preferences, making it a unique representation of their virtual self within the game’s universe.

If you’re interested in Starfield character customization, keep reading to find out whether or not it’s possible. 

Can you customize your character in Starfield?

Bethesda Game Studios has a reputation for delivering immersive RPG experiences with extensive character customization options, and Starfield is no exception. In Starfield, players will have the freedom to create their own unique character from scratch. From appearance to skills and abilities, every aspect of the character can be tailored to suit the player’s preferences.

Starfield Biometric Id

Biometric ID

The first step in creating your character is selecting a Biometric ID from the pre-set menu. This menu offers a range of facial presets, allowing you to choose a base model that suits your vision. Additionally, these presets can be further customized in the subsequent character creator tabs, ensuring that your character is truly unique. With a total of 43 pre-sets to choose from, you’re bound to find a starting point that resonates with your desired aesthetic.

Shaping Your Character’s Body

Once you’ve established your character’s base appearance, it’s time to delve into the body customization options. Starfield offers players three primary options for shaping their character’s physique: body type, walk style, and skin tone. 

The body type option allows you to choose between feminine and masculine body shapes, enabling you to craft a character that aligns with your preferred gender representation. The walk style option adds an interesting dynamic, allowing you to select your character’s walking animation style. Finally, the skin tone option provides the ability to fine-tune your character’s complexion to your liking.

Crafting Your Character’s Face

The face customization menu in Starfield is where your character truly comes to life. With an array of options to modify your character’s facial features, this menu provides unprecedented control over your character’s appearance. You can customize various aspects of your character’s face, including head shape, hairstyle, facial hair, eye shape, and more. 

The developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that every character looks and feels unique, offering detailed options such as scars, complexion blemishes, and even jewelry. This level of customization opens up endless possibilities for creating a character that truly reflects your vision.

Starfield Character background

Character Background

In Starfield, players have the opportunity to not only create their character’s appearance but also select a backstory through the Background character creation option. This feature allows players to further customize their Starfield experience and truly develop their character.


In addition to character backgrounds, Starfield introduces a Traits system that further enhances your character’s abilities and gameplay style. Traits are optional but provide unique pros and cons, allowing you to fine-tune your character’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to note that certain traits cannot be combined, adding an element of strategic decision-making to character creation.

That’s all in this Starfield character customization guide. We hope you find this guide helpful. If so, check out our other Starfield guides on How to play Starfield on Xbox One and What consoles will Starfield be on?