River City Girls 2 Marian - How To Unlock

River City Girls 2 Marian – How To Unlock

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Action-adventure RPG River City Girls 2 has plenty of bosses for you to try and defeat. There are some really tough fights in the game, so you need to keep your guard up. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock Marian in River City Girls 2.

Marian is one of the more difficult bosses in the game and that is saying something! In order to beat her, you will first need to unlock her. 

If you are looking for Marian, you are in the right place as we have a guide for you right here. Keep reading to find out how you can unlock Marian in River City Girls 2.

How to Unlock Marian in River City Girls 2

It is not that difficult to unlock this new character in River City Girls 2. What players need to do is, first, unlocking the Marian boss fight. In order to do that, make their way to the Downtown area of River City.

Here, you will hear about Marian who was a peace protector, but she has vanished recently.  As directed, follow the map to reach the subway entrance. You need to fix the power generators there, for which you can speak to Williams in Junk City.

Williams will give you a quest in return for the favor. He wants you to visit three locations and use the wrenches there. The locations are as follows:

  • The Coffee Shop
  • Skid Street 
  • Top floor of the apartments

Once the generators are fixed, return to Willams to complete the quest. Now you can enter the subway and come across Marian. As she is not in her right mind, you will need to fight her. This is how you can unlock the boss battle.

That’s all you need to do to unlock the Marian in River City Girls 2. Fighting her will be a challenge, so make sure you are prepared before you go into it. If you need more guides on this game, you can check out how to unlock the secret boss in River City Girls 2, or you could look at a new game such as Forza Motorsport 5 and its cross platform capabilities..